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Testimonials: Jill

Imagine your daughter becomes engaged in February to her Israeli boyfriend and announces they would like to be married that July, in Israel, a destination wedding of about 350 people which would include approximately 100 American guests (all while planning your son’s wedding in August). Impossible?. We thought so until we had the good fortune of meeting Vanessa Ohayon of Vanessa and Co Events and Hospitality. Never once did she waiver in her opinion that she could get all of this done and done well, and she did!.

And it wasn’t just planning a spectacular wedding, which alone included finding a great outdoor venue, picking music for the reception, for the chuppah, finding the right person for design and décor, arranging transportation, photography, videographer, favours, tastings, etc.

There was the immediate task of finding a hotel during the busy July 4th weekend that could not only accommodate the guests, but also could accommodate a Shabbat dinner for close to 100 people (which also included tastings, decor, etc.) Add to that a day trip for the guests, a henna party which was like planning another wedding-including finding a venue and band and decour and tastings and fabulous Moroccan catering and outfits for everyone, and then of course a brunch at a very hip venue she found in walking distance from the hotel, and imagine that all of this time this person is calm and organized, and always wears her signature smile and gets it all done with time to spare and EXCEEDS your expectations in every way possible.

Her taste is elegant without being stuffy, hip without being too trendy, and while everyone is caught up in the fun of the party planning, she never forgets to remind you of the spiritual and religious importance of what you are doing And that was our experience with Vanessa. Priceless!


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