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"To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail." - Giorgio Armani

Our Services

Your events reflect your style and personality. You want to work with someone who realizes your vision and your budget - helping you craft a day that will be remembered forever. This is why so many choose to work with Vanessa & Co. Events. With customized services to fit your needs, Vanessa allows you to be a guest at your own event.


We specialize in customizing packages to best fit our clients wants, needs and desires. To us, there is nothing "traditional" about a wedding, bar mitzvah or other events; it's an opportunity for you to create a unique day or weekend-long experience for yourselves, your family and friends.

Location &  Venue Scouting

Location & Venue scouting is one of the most vital parts of the planning process and dictates much of what is possible as we look to bring our clients' dream to reality. We will guide you in choosing the location and help you identify the perfect venue for your special occasion.

Design &  Styling

Whether you dream up a beautiful birthday dinner reception, a whimsical garden wedding, a biblical bar mitzvah, or a chic vineyard gathering...we can execute in every way. We will conceptualize the overall look and feel, and bring it to life! If you want it...we will find it, if it doesn't exist...we will build it!

Choreography of  the  Night

Our team will see to it that the night is orchestrated and timed to perfection, and executed to plan. While we know things happen, being adaptable to surprises is our forte!

Music & Entertainment

We have many unique talents to set your evening apart from other events, leaving your guests talking about it for years to come!  Tell us your vibe and we will show your guests just what it means to party in your unique fashionable style!

Food & Beverage Consultation

Our team will work with you to create a menu and cocktails that suits the event, that dazzles your guests and speaks to the concept and theme of the evening. With celebrity chefs, unique cooking techniques, open kitchen concepts, special plating and tailored pairings, we find the dining experience delightful.

Lighting is Everything

We know that the details are very important, and the lighting design is paramount in showing the details to their fullest capacity.

Bespoke Tours &  Excursions

Our team will uniquely design experiences for your guests that are sure to become lifelong memories for all. Activities from hot air ballooning to wine tasting, historical tours that can be political or religious, or high intensity excursions, we will immerse your guests in the beauty that surrounds them, feed them authentic local delicacies, leaving them with memories to last a lifetime and photos to back it up. We can also be a full service concierge for hotel and restaurant reservations too!


Delightful Sweets

Have your cake and eat it too! Let us add another memorable and delicious moment to mark a moment with a custom made cake, candy store, and desserts galore!

Budget  Control

No matter how much you plan to spend, it's our job to help you create an event within the budget you set. We will educate you on how to allocate your funds for a successful, well-organized budget. In addition, we will keep you on track with your payments.

Vendor Management

We respect the other industry professionals with whom we collaborate with in creating the magic we do. We work closely with them, with respect and open communication, which in turn gives our team the extra cooperation and effort required to produce flawless events. Our perspective is - we are only as good as the team we put together!

Custom Gifting & Stationary

Announcements and invitations is the first impression to your guests. Upon arrival, welcome notes, or gifting baskets can be personalized to the specific occasion, particular region in the world, and complete with the messaging of your event.

Vanessa & Co. Events

We are a full-service corporate, social and,

non-profit event planning firm. We strategize, conceptualize, design and develop all concepts to produce exceptional events. Let us plan your next event!

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