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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Planned by Steve Bar Productions and Vanessa Events.

Inbar Lavi, the singer, entrepreneur, and actress on the TV show "Lucifer," first met Dan Bar Shira, who works in green energy, in the sandy Nevada desert at the Burning Man festival in August 2019. Just over two years later on September 13, 2021, the pair reunited on the sandy beaches of their native Israel to exchange vows and celebrate their marriage with 400 of their family and friends. “We’re both Israeli and very connected to our roots,” shares Inbar of why they chose their venue of Al Hayam in Sdot Yam. “Our family lives here and we were raised by the Mediterranean, which made us who we are today."

While it may have been a large wedding, the bohemian beachside ceremony and the subsequent party—complete with light shows and three different DJs—brought together a mix of intimacy and tons of fun. “We met at Burning Man so we wanted our wedding to emulate a feeling of free-flow festival,” shares Inbar. “We also both love the beach so we knew it would have to have waves nearby.”


“The theme was Tulum meets Burning Man meets a really good cocktail,” says Inbar with a laugh. “The color scheme was white. The goal was to have everyone together, so they can all float with us on the same cloud we were.”

The bride and groom hired an excellent team to make their festival-inspired dream wedding come to life. “We used producers Steve Bar Productions and Vanessa Events who helped us plan everything from A to Z,” says Inbar. “We had a very clear vision, and Steve and Vanessa got it right away. They made everything swift and smooth and always with a smile and good spirit. We'd be lost without them! Bless them!”

Ahead, explore Inbar and Dan's stunning white wedding full of fun, fire, and plenty of surprises, planned by Steve Bar Productions and Vanessa Events and photographed by People Photography.


While the dress code for all the guests was to wear white, Inbar wanted to create custom looks to help her shine and feel comfortable all night long. "To be honest, my stylist Shany Lasry really really helped with the dress,” explains Inbar. “I'm so lucky to have had her guidance throughout this journey. She introduced me to our wedding designer Daniella Hajaj.”

“Together we tried on a bunch of dresses in her studio and nothing felt right. Then, we just narrowed in on the fabric. Daniella said ‘Close your eyes, touch it, feel it. Is this what you want holding you?’ And, I knew chiffon was the fabric I wanted to be wrapped in on this day," shares the bride. "Daniella went to the back and brought out a massive roll of that fabric and started wrapping me in it. We literally crafted it on my body from scratch. It was amazing. We started pulling out strings and tying up ribbons until we found the design we all loved. It was so creative and free, which happens to be the spirit of the wedding.”


For the first dress, the designers chose a clean chiffon fabric with an Italian crepe corset. She paired the looks of the day with jewelry by Efrat Cassuto. "For the first dress, we stayed on the clean line and we went with small classy pearl earrings which suit the look and the environment of the wedding," explains Inbar.


Dan also had three looks of the day, styled by Shany Lasry and Ali Mohana. "They decided to go for neutral fabrics which complement the landscape's bright and festive colors," shares Inbar. The first look was a natural linen suit paired with beige Doc Martins and a YSL suede belt.

Before festivities began, the couple decided to do a first look in front of close friends and family.

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